Pneumonia - Ineffective Airway Clearance NIC NOC

Nursing Diagnosis for Pneumonia : Ineffective Airway Clearance related to the secretion of bronchial


After Nursing Interventions, patients can:
  • Maintain a patent airway.
  • Maintain ventilation decreases
  • No spasm
  • There is no worry
  • No additional noise
  • Normal respiration
  • Able to breath deeply
  • Expansion and symmetrical
  • No chest retraction
  • Breathe easy
  • Not dyspnea


NIC: Management of airway

  • Open the airway
  • Adjust position allowing maximum ventilation
  • Listen to breath sounds
  • Monitor and oxygenation
  • Monitor the patient's oxygenation humidity
  • Assess respiratory status
  • Ask the patient to bed / sitting with head flexion, shoulder muscles relaxed and your knees bent
  • Encourage deep breathing and coughing paien effective
  • Provide appropriate therapy program
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