Acute Pain related to Postoperative Wound

Nursing Care Plan for Caesarean Section


After the act of nursing, patients are expected to know the ways to overcome the pain arising from cancer experienced.

Expected outcomes:
  • Clients can mention ways to finance the pain.
  • Reduction in pain intensity.
  • Face expression and body relax.
  • Assess the degree of pain experienced by the client and the value of the pain scale.
  • Observation of vital signs.
  • Teach relaxation and distraction techniques.
  • Provide a comfortable position.
  • Create a comfortable environment.
  • Encourage families to assist clients.
  • Collaboration with team pain palliation.
  • To determine the extent of pain and is an indicator of early to be able to give further action.
  • Knowing the effects of pain.
  • Deep breathing to inhale O2 adequately so that the muscles into relaxation so as to reduce pain.
  • Reduce pain.
  • Avoiding external stimulus.
  • Provide emotional support to reduce pain.
  • As prophylaxis to eliminate pain (if already know the symptoms for sure).

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