Fatigue related to Hyperthyroidism

Nursing Care Plan for Fatigue

Nursing Diagnosis and Interventions for Hyperthyroidism

Fatigue related to hypermetabolic with increased energy needs, sensitive to stimulation of the nerve in relation to body chemistry disorders

Evidenced by:
  • Revealed very less lack the energy to maintain the general routines, decreased performance labilias / sensitive excitatory emsional, nervous, tense
  • agitated behavior
  • Damage ability to concentrate

Patient purpose / criteria for evaluation;
  • Verbalize about increasing energy
  • Converting the improvement of the ability to participate in activities

Nursing Intervention:

  • Monitor vital signs before and after activity
  • Note the development of tachypnea, dyspnea, pallor and cyanosis
  • Create an environment that is quiet, cold room, lower sensory stimulation, the colors are cool and calm situation
  • Advise patients to reduce activity and increase resting in bed if possible
  • Give the act of making the patient as comfortable as masage / touch, a cool powder
  • Provide a convenient replacement activities such as reading, listening to the radio
  • Avoid discussing topics that annoying or threatening patients.
  • Discuss how to respond to these feelings
  • Discuss with close people about the state of fatigue and emotional instability
  • Give the drug, according to indications such as sedatives

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