5 Types of Fever

Type of fever that may be encountered include:

1. Septic fever
Body temperature gradually rose to the level of a very high during the night and went back down to the level above normal in the morning. Often accompanied by chills and sweating complaint. If high fever is down to the level of normal also called hectic fever.

2. Remittent fever
Body temperature can go down every day but never reached normal body temperature. Causes may be recorded temperatures can reach two degrees and no temperature difference recorded for septic fever.

3. Intermittent fever
Body temperature drops to the level of normal for several hours in a day. When the fever like this happen once in two days called tertiana and when fever occurred two days free between the two is called quartan fever attack.

4. Continuous fever
Temperature variations throughout the day did not differ by more than one degree. At the level of the continuous high fever once called hyperpyrexia.

5. Cyclic fever
An increase in body temperature for several days, followed by a period free of fever for a few days followed by rise in temperature as before.

A type of fever is sometimes associated with a particular disease such as type of intermittent fever for malaria. A patient with symptoms of fever may be connected immediately to an obvious cause such as abscesses, pneumonia, urinary tract infections, malaria, but sometimes simply can not be connected immediately to an obvious cause. In practice 90% of the patients with fever who had just experienced, is essentially a self-limiting illness such as influenza or other similar viral diseases. But this does not mean we must remain vigilant against bacterial infection.
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