Nursing Diagnosis for Diabetes Mellitus : Fatigue


related to :

  • Increased energy demands: hypermetabolic state/infection
  • Altered body chemistry: insufficient insulin
  • Decreased metabolic energy production

Evidenced by :
  • Impaired ability to concentrate, listlessness, disinterest in surroundings
  • Overwhelming lack of energy, inability to maintain usual routines, decreased performance, accident-prone.

Outcomes :
  • Display improved ability to participate in desired activities.
  • Verbalize increase in energy level.

Nursing Interventions :

1. Monitor BP, pulse, respiratory rate before/after activity.
Rationale : Indicates physiological levels of tolerance.

2. Increase patient participation in ADLs as tolerated.
Rationale : Increases confidence level/self-esteem and tolerance level.

3. Alternate activity with periods of rest/uninterrupted sleep.
Rationale : Prevents excessive fatigue.

4. Discuss with patient the need for activity. Plan schedule with patient and identify activities that lead to fatigue.
Rationale : Education may provide motivation to increase activity level even though patient may feel too weak initially.

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