Nursing Diagnoses for Anema : Risk for Infection

Nursing Diagnosis for Anema : Risk for Infection related to decreased immunity, invasive procedures
  • There are no risk factors for infection
Expected outcomes:
  • free of symptoms of infection,
  • normal leukocyte numbers (4-11000)
  • vital signs within normal limits.
Nursing Interventions:
Control of infection:
  • Clean up the environment after use for other patients.
  • Limit visitor when necessary and recommended for adequate rest.
  • Instruct patient’s family to wash their hands before and after contact with the client.
  • Use anti-microbe soap for hand washing.
  • Make hand washing before and after nursing actions.
  • Use clothes and gloves as a protective device.
  • Maintain aseptic environment during the installation of equipment.
  • Perform wound care, and dresing infusion, catheter every day if any.
  • Increase intake of nutrients, and adequate fluid.
  • Give antibiotics according to the program.
Protection of infection:
  • Monitor signs and symptoms of systemic and local infections.
  • Monitor granulocytes and WBC count.
  • Monitor susceptibility to infection.
  • Maintain aseptic technique for each action.
  • Inspection of the skin and mucous mebran redness, heat.
  • Monitor changes in energy levels.
  • Encourage clients to improve mobility and exercise.
  • Instruct the client to take antibiotics according to the program.
  • Teach family / client about the signs and symptoms of infection and report suspected infection.

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