News for How to Breast Care

News for How to Breast Care

Understanding How to Breast Care

Breast Care is an act by doing some massaging, keep clean, and the actions in breast pathology, so there is no difficulty during breastfeeding.

The stages of breast treatments
a. Cleaning the nipple
b. Breast Massage
c. Compressing
The steps to clean the nipple include:
a. Mom sat back
b. Open the cover-up
c. Put a towel under the breast
d. Cotton soaked in baby oil
e. Both nipples with moistened cotton wool soaked with baby oil for 3-4 minutes
f. Cotton rubbed around the nipple to remove impurities
g. Both hands moistened with baby oil and do massage

Ways of massaging the breast care
a. Pour oil or baby oil to taste.
b. Both hands are in between both breasts and then ordered from the top to the side and then down and headed to the nipple with a breast lift slowly, massage done 30 times.
c. Left hand supporting the left breast and the right hand with the little finger side of the breast massage from the base of the chest toward the nipple, so with the right breast and carried 30 times.
d. Chock left breast with his left hand, the right breast with his right hand, 2 or 3 fingers opposite makes playback while holding, from the base of the breast and the nipple end, every time breast movement.

Compressing the breast care
Compressing the breast care breast is compressed with a cold washcloth for about 5 minutes to clean all of the oil bust.

Nipple care
Nursing nipples, the nipples normal (stand) includes:
a. Both compress the nipple with cotton that has been moistened with baby oil for 5 minutes so that the dirt around the nipple shot
b. Thumb and index finger smeared with oil then placed on both nipples, do the twist towards the total of 30 rounds, it increases the elasticity of the nipple fatherly
c. Use coarse towel each time to clean breast to breast muscles become stronger

While the nipples flat or entry include:
a. Both thumbs placed on the right and the left nipple, then slowly press and pounding away from the nipple outward
b. Both thumbs placed on the top and bottom of the nipple, then slowly press and pounding away from the nipple outward

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