Nursing Diagnosis for Chronic Otitis Media - Acute Pain

Nursing Care Plan for Chronic Otitis Media

Nursing Care Plan Chronic Otitis Media - Nursing Diagnosis : Acute Pain

Acute pain related to inflammatory processes

Purpose: Pain is felt the client is reduced.

Expected outcomes are: The client revealed that the pain is reduced, the client is able to transfer methods atmosphere.

Nursing interventions:
1. Teach client to transfer the atmosphere by performing relaxation methods as extreme pain appears, like a sigh of relaxation.
Rational: Methods of transfer of the atmosphere with the relaxation can reduce the pain suffered by the client.

2. Cold compress around the ear area.
Rational: Cold compresses aimed at reducing the pain because the pain distracted by the cold around the ear area.

3. Adjust the position of the client.
Rational: positions that suit will make the client feel comfortable.

4. For collaboration, give analgesics as instructed, give sedatives as indicated.
Rational: Analgesics are effective pain relief in patients to reduce the sensation of pain from within.
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